Basic concerns when using T-BOW® on the Vibration Platform

By Sandra Bonacina, Zurich University (Switzerland)


There are two possibilities to use the T-BOW® on the Vibration Platform: stabil with curve up and labil with curve down. In any case all persons should consult a doctor before using a Vibration Platform and T-BOW®.


Stabil and standing on the bow: ok, it will activate the muscles from the foot more depending on how stiff the shoe is; without shoes it will be most difficult.


Stabil and with hands on the bow: that could be very stressful for the joints of hand, elbow and most of all the shoulder. These joints are built for being under traction and less for compression and with vibration it can be too much for those joints. I recommend to do those exercises exclusively with physical therapists and only if the person is in a very good shape.


Stabil and lying on the bow with the trunk: possible, but should be accompanied by a physical therapist, because you need to be healthy in all vital organs, blood vessels, and vertebral joints.


Labil and standing on the bow edges: very difficult and only for experts, because finding the balance and vibration is a lot for the coordination of the muscles. I recommend doing those exercises only accompanied with sports teachers or physical therapists.


Labil and with hands on the bow edges: even more stressful than hands on stabil bow...


Labil and lying sitting in the bow: the same like stabil on the bow...


S.B., January 2009